Food and the City

Imagine you are lucky enough and you are going to spend a weekend in a nice European city. Let’s say it’s Krakow (can I come with you?). Or Paris (I should definitely come with you!).
You are not a tourist obviously, you are a traveler, well almost a local actually and you want to eat and behave like a local.

You have three meals to manage every day. And you don’t want to waste any of them.
But where do you start? What do you do?

Well, I have done some research for you.

I guess I should start now with introducing myself and explaining what makes me say I can help you while you happen to be hungry in a nice European city (I’m afraid places like Birmingham are not my speciality and I doubt they ever will be!).

I am an engineer by trade (studied something with a long and complicated name called Automatic Control and Robots) and work in as a Quality Specialist in a company which produces printers.
Not convinced yet?

I have developed my skills to spot a good eatery for years. It started thanks to my father – as a child I remember him on a mission to do all the weekend shopping, buying the best bread in the neighbourhood (and by neighbourhood I mean more or less the whole district as he would go anywhere within a radius of at least 50 km to buy something special), choosing tomatoes at one local market, buying potatoes at another one (CO2 emission wasn’t such a great deal that time) and then spending half a day choosing meat for Sunday lunch.

One of my earliest childhood memories (I just realised it’s actually when I was about 7 – no idea what happened with earlier memories but I promise my childhood was pretty nice!) was when my father was taking my home from some hospital in the other side of Poland (have I mentioned already that I am Polish?) and on the way we stopped in a restaurant which according to my father served the best cutlets in the whole country. And they were good!
I guess watching him putting some much attention to what he ate and food he chose for the whole family (my poor mother didn’t have an easy life to adjust to his high standards) helped me develop my own tastes as well.
And put the priorities right – you are what you eat!

So growing up  in a family in which everyone bought their own special bread (you should see our bread cupboard! Yes, we dedicated part of the cupboard to keep bread only), must have an impact on me!

Do I sound a bit more credible now?

My food passion developed when I went to university and discovered that trying to create food my mother did on my own wasn’t as easy as I first thought. The budget was tight so I had to find clever ways of avoiding eating rubbish, keeping myself well and satisfying my natural need of eating the best food.

My wallet soon stared to grow unfortunately not with money but with business cards from all kinds of restaurants which I found interesting. And trust me a place has to be truly special to find its way to my wallet!

I am an official restaurant (and food) advisor for most of my friends and family and they have always encouraged me to share this knowledge with the others. So here I am.
Helping you to eat local food, avoid tourist prices and enjoy your little European escapes.

I have visited all the places I am writing about myself.
They can be anything from a glamorous restaurant in Paris, little sausage stand where everyone meets after a party at 2am in Krakow or a coffee place at a railway station in Italy only locals would know about.
Call it luck, coincidence or flash of genius but I happen to find those amazing places on my way.
Each one is remarkable, original and each one is a real part of its city and

Food and the City blog is your place to find information about dining experiences in cities around Europe.

But I don’t want to write restaurant reviews here. Or talk about what I ate last night.
I want to share with you my idea of dining, travelling, pretending to be local, lazy evenings (or morning) in my favourite places…
I want to show you how I find all those extra ordinary places and how they can make your travels a little bit better.
It’s all about little pleasures.

I am not a food critic, I will not talk about all those cooking techniques you have no idea about (because I have no idea about them as well), I will simple let you know if there is a place somewhere there which satisfied my sophisticated taste buds and made feel a little bit special.

Some of those places you would probably pass by without paying much attention to them. I like to think I have an eye and a bit of luck to find them.

Well, I do the hard job. Especially for you!



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