Sunday brunch

Don’t worry – we are not moving into a cooking blog. I still prefer to write about other people’s cooking actually.

 As last week I couldn’t take photos of my lovely brunch, here it is for you now. No Swiss bread this time, I used rye bread from Le Pain Quotidien instead. In my opinion the best bread in London, which is surprising as it comes from a big chain present probably everywhere in Europe. Plus I saw it in Qatar when I was there last year too. Well, Le Pain Quotidien prove that you don’t have to compromise on quality going big and international.

So scrambled eggs with pancetta and chives on toast is my favourite choice (apart from bacon sandwiches) for Sunday lunch. It reminds me of my father who would prepare it in random parts of the day adding Polish sausage instead of pancetta and lots of fried (or burnt according to my mother) onion.

So mix eggs in a bowl, add chives and spices (don’t add too much salt as there is plenty in pancetta already). You may add some grated parmesan as well. Fry pancetta cubes on a hot pan with some butter (and oil if you want), add egg mixture, stir and if you don’t like your eggs to be too dry switch off the heat half way and just let them rest for few minutes.

Serve on slightly toasted bread (the secret, in my opinion, is to use the best bread possible, not something you can get in a supermarket).

Bon appetite!


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