Marta’s Café Corner – The best in Warsaw

I decided to start with my favourite place in Warsaw –  Café Kafka (ul. Oboźna 3).

This is a fantastic place for breakfast, light lunch, quick coffee, or just working with a cup of espresso (they have a free Wi-Fi connection); simply it’s perfect for everything. Last spring I spent long hours there working hard with my computer, drinking coffee from time to time and staring at people around me. The variety of people visiting Kafka is extremely wide. There are Warsaw students – the trendiest in Poland, celebrities, old ladies (for tea and gossip), businessmen, lost tourists and so on…

 And what about food? Maybe not the best and not the most sophisticated but we don’t go there to feed empty stomaches. Once I heard that in restaurants we don’t pay for food, but for nice service, atmosphere and pleasure. And that’s what I pay for in Kafka. But it’s not all too bad. Sometimes I have some salads or pancakes, the one with cherry jam is a flavour I remember from my childhood.

However, the best of Kafka are sweets. My top ones:

  1. Chocolate mousse, soft like a sponge. Absolutely amazing when that first spoon treaches your mouth. When you finish you need one more and for that moment nothing else matters.
  2. Pie rich with apples and a touch of crispy pastry, all in perfect proportions.
  3. Summer raspberry tart full of sour fruits and lightly sweet custard, perfect after lunch on sunny Saturdays in the city.

And I would almost forgot about cold soups! We have a tropical summer now in Poland so Bulgarian or Lithuanian soups in the shadow of old trees are a rescue at Café Kafka.

 I also adore the café for its design – modern but very cosy at the same time. Huge windows make it very bright and the sun lights up a massive bookshelf at the opposite side. If you want you can buy or rent some old books stored there and saved from being thrown away.

Finally I have to mention their garden because it is something unusual. They are lucky because in front of the coffee house there is a glade which they use as a café garden. It is very popular with Powiśle district lovers who lay on blankets or deckchairs in big groups playing board games or badminton, reading, chating and laughing all the time. Kids run from side to side and during the hot summer days paddle in the small swimming pool.

 Kafka is a great place, where you won’t ever feel lonely. It helped me to get to like Warsaw when I had to move here last year.


 Marta’s work station in Kafka:


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