Marta’s Café Corner – Café Vincent

French breakfast in Warsaw 

My favourite meal of the day is without a doubt breakfast (and I know that not only mine). Finally, I don’t have to complain about fake croissants in Poland any more. I can have French breakfast every time I want because we have our first French bakery (and café) in Warsaw – Café Vincent (ul. Nowy Świat 64, Warsaw).
It is very small, cute and smells wonderfully. When you enter this lovely place you can smell fresh baguettes, natural sourdough bread, croissants, cakes and every day different desserts (real tarte tatin, creamy cheesecake and chocolate tart are my favourites). With strong espresso, nice company and good weather, it’s the best that you can get for breakfast in our capital city. 

They also offer fresh sandwiches, salads and quiches so it’s also a perfect place for lunch. My usual lunch out is quiche with spinach (or chanterelles) and for dessert something that looks the best at the fridge-window that day, and it’s always a difficult choice. 

Very often we go there during late evenings for fantastic bread and croissants for the next morning, we can never resist trying some on our way home. So from now on we have decided to buy more to leave something for breakfast. Tonight I’ll go to Vincent and get some nice baguettes to eat tomorrow with fresh strawberry jam made by my mum (the best in the world!). 

The most delicious croissants in my life I had at midnight when we got them straight from the oven at Vincent. It was a taste difficult to describe (and tough to forget). Very hot, with very crispy skin and soft filling, dripping with butter and the smell was just mind-blowingly! I always want more than I’m able to eat. 

Bon appétit!


French croissants, Italian espresso and a Polish paper – perfect breakfast in Warsaw:











Photo by Marta 



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