Merci-Merci – how to make recycling fashionable

For me Merci-Merci is quite close to be my perfect shop ever.

It was open in early 2009 and since then has attracted attention of cool shoppers around Europe. Merci has created a new, modern approach to consumerism – they support recycling, teach people how to re-use what you already have, find ways to create cool items from plastic bottles and give their profits to a charity in Madagascar.

The owners and creators of this wonderful place, Marie-France and Bernard Cohen, are the people behind the luxury children brand, Bonpoint (I love window-shopping their store at Marylebone High Street in London on my way to work).

Merci stocks everything from designer clothes (Stella McCartney and Yves Saint Laurent are among those who donate their clothes to the shop), flowers, furniture, perfumes by Annick Goutal to second hand books in many languages.
You will love the space, new concepts (like shopping bags created with the plastic from old water bottles), trendy arrangements of home goods, little Fiat 500 full of goods at the main entrance, and very useful and friendly staff. This is a kind of place where you could simply be able to spend the whole day.
Their Used Books Café is perfect for breakfast or just coffee while browsing the books. I liked their hot chocolate served with a toasted baguette – watching cool Parisians was included. There is also a little bistro for a light lunch or an afternoon apéro (apperitive).

Many ways to shop and eat and spend the day in a style and help rising money at the same time!

Merci-Merci is open Monday to Saturday from 10:00 till 20:00 and it’s located at Boulevard Beamarché 111, close to the SaintSébastien – Froissart metro station.

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