Le Garde Robe – for wine and lunch


Le Garde Robe(41 rue de l’Arbe Sec) is tiny – with only few tables outside and inside – but don’t let the size mislead you. They serve probably the best food in the neighbourhood for as little as 15 Euro for a 3 course meal!

The owner who is also the boss and the chef makes sure that everything is prepared fresh and with seasonal ingredients he finds that day. He is big on vegetables which he serves beautifully sliced and drizzled with nice olive oil and sprinkled with salt flakes.

There are (of course) French cheeses, there is Spanish Serrano ham, fresh baguettes, cakes for dessert and there is a great selection of wonderful wines.

Because apart from everything Le Garde Robe is a wine bar.The boss will help with choosing wine for your food, you can buy a bottle (or two perhaps) to take home with you as well.

And the lovely waitress will make sure that you feel as comfortable there as possible. Probably the best service in Paris!

What could possibly make you more happy than having a glass of red wine in a nice relaxing atmosphere in a beautiful quiet street of Paris… 

There are more wine testing places in the street with the most popular Spring (6 Rue Bailleul) just around the corner if you are still thirsty.

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