The macarons I brought from Paris are all gone but I managed to photograph them for you first.

Pastry, and recently macarons, are the only things that may make me queue. I have been a bit better at waiting in a line since I came to England and have followed this second favourite sport of the Brits (number 1 is in my onion watching rugby in a pub on a Saturday afternoon) but I am still rubbish and get very impatient immediately if there are 3 people in front of me.

But I could queue in Paris any time to get my deux mille- feuilles (so much more that just A mille-feuilles!) or few vanilla macarons from Pierre Hermé.

I have to admit I never liked macarons before – I though they would be too sweet, boring and very old-fashion. Well, Pierre Hermé proved to me I was completely wrong! With flavours like strawberry and wasabi, salted butter caramel cream or lemon, hazelnut praline, pistachio, griottines & cinnamon he just won me over instantly (the ones from the photo above are from Ladurée though).

In Paris people are divided in those who prefer Ladurée’s and those who like Pierre Hermé’s macarons. Well, I fall to the second group. But give me a box of Ladurée’s pistachio and coffee ones and it will be empty by tomorrow!

So if you want to find out to which group you belong you should be checking these places:

In Paris:

Ladurée – 21 Rue Bonaparte. The shop and their stunning tea-room are open every day including Sundays. Be prepared for queuing!

Pierre Herme – 72 Rue Bonaparte (be prepared for even more serious queuing!)

In London:

You can buy Ladurée’s macarons in Harod’s. Pierre Hermé sells his at Selfriedges and has just opened his first store in the British capital at Lowndes Street, just off Belgrave Square. I suspect I will be a frequent visitor ;)

By the way, the best way to eat your pastry from Pierre Hermé while in Paris is at a little bench (on the photos above) in front of St Sulpice Church just outside the patisserie. Make sure you don’t get as dirty as I usually do!

More of our Paris places can be found here

And if you are searching for something in London check here


2 thoughts on “Macarons!

  1. Your post is so truelly true! There’s a real fight between Pierre Hermé’s lovers and Ladurée’s lovers… I’m for Pierre Hermé is from Alsace where I leave in France and he found the perfect association between different tastes combined in one macaroon :)

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