5 reasons to visit Paris this October

No need to feel depressed that summer is over. It’s time to go to Paris! We have found 5 reasons why Paris is the best place for you this October.

1. Romance – there is no better time to fall in love with Paris or in Paris than autumn. Most of the tourists are gone, local people are back from their month long holidays in the south and everything seems back to normal so you can finally enjoy the city as it should be. With foggy weather and mysterious atmosphere Paris is on its best form in October. Just perfect time for a little romance. See you in Paris then ;)

2. Ze Kitchen autumn menu – time for the best seafood has just came and William Ledeuil, the chef and owner of Ze Kitchen restaurant (4 Rue des Grands Augustins), made sure that his new menu is full of it. Check the best fish in the town. There is new season veal and duck from Challans for those who would prefer something without shells. And to overcome autumn blues nothing works better that Mr Ledeuil’s desserts. I would actually give quite a lot for his white chocolate and wasabi ice cream at the moment.

3. And meat dishes– October is definitely your time if your idea of lunch or dinner is just plenty of meat. Check out our latest discovery in Paris – J’Go (Rue Clément) restaurant, where food is chosen with respect to the time of the year. On the menu now are wild mushrooms, lamb sausages, warm casseroles, grilled zucchini and plenty of roasted chicken to share between friends. All with a glass (a bottle if you prefer) of wine from south west France. Works for me and not only in October.

4. Salon du Chocolat – this is the world’s biggest event dedicated to chocolate. From October 28th till November 1st chocolate lovers have only one destination in mind – Viparis Porte de Versailles. Tasting tours, exhibitions, performances and even fashion shows are all to be enjoyed there but make sure you book your tickets a way in advance as for obvious reasons this is quite a popular event.

5. Nuit Blanche (White Night) – this annual celebration of all things art and culture shouldn’t be missed! Hundreds of museums, galleries, and other spots around Paris will keep their doors open until dawn with free exhibitions, multimedia installations, and performances. Just make sure that you are in Paris on Saturday October 2 – you will probably not even need a bed at all ;)

Ze Kitchen on Monika’s list of her favourite restaurants
Perfect weekend in Paris
Paris in autumn by Monika


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