Warsaw – part II

If you are really brave and are looking for extreme experiences come to Warsaw during winter. Temperatures can drop to -20 at night, there is usually quite a lot of snow as well but you have a unique opportunity to see this fascinating place in beautiful winter scenery and taste Polish food at its best.
I am sorry for summer photos of Warsaw (on the other hand while being here we realy appreciate some sun, even on photos!) I promise to photograph it for you as soon as I get there (at the moment spending my Christmas holidays at my parents’ home).

And where to eat?

Warsaw is probably an European capital of sushi. Unfortunately, I am not the biggest fan of Japanese food and won’t recommend you something I wouldn’t eat myself. Below few places I visit (when I don’t feel like going to ‘U Kucharzy’ for breakfast, lunch and dinner ;)):

1. Rozbrat 20 (ul. Rozbrat 20)– not easy to find (like all good places in Warsaw) but I am sure you won’t be disappointed when you finally get there (it’s probably best to take a taxi though). It’s a small place with only few tables so it’s a good idea to call them and book in advance. Menu is short, mostly French, ambience cool and chic and service extremely efficient and professional. White tiles with black trimmings, worn wood floors , a bit of soft jazz playing and a huge bouquet of fresh flowers in the centre of the room… En essence of every day elegance.

2. La Rotisserie at Hotel Le Régina (ul. Koscielna 12)– not a cheap place but if you have few spare zloty you won’t find a better place in Warsaw to spend them. Once while dining there I had a chance to meet the chef, Paweł Olszczyk (remember this name!), who actually chose and served all the dishes for me and other guests. It is believed that La Rotisserie will be the first Micheline starred restaurant in Warsaw – so be quick and visit it now when it’s still affordable.

3. Kuchnia Artystyczna (al. Ujazdowskie 6)– this is Marta’s favourite restaurant in Warsaw (Marta, am I right?). It has everything what she likes – beautifully located in a castle (Zamek Ujazdowski), with an amazing summer terrace overlooking Agrykola park, eclectic ambience with decoration changing almost every day, and fantastic food prepared with seasonal organic ingredients. Marta Gessler who runs the restaurant (she was once married to a member of the Gessler family, those who own ‘U kucharzy’ from Warsaw Part I) created a place where everyone wants to meet.
After your meal you may visit Museum of Modern Art on the other side of Zamek Ujazdowski.

4. Rialto (ul. Wilcza 73) – if you like art deco this is definitely a place for you. Menu is Polish with foreign accents and the best list of Polish alcohols I have seen recently. I once made my (ex) boss Matt a bit drunk there trying all types of nalweki (traditional Polish liqueur made of fruits, herbs, spices, coffee, honey or sugar) they had. Check yourself and let me know which one was your favourite.

Check Marta’s corner for the best cafés in Warsaw. She promised to update her site more often now and I will keep an eye on this ;)

In summer, after dinner and before going to sleep take a walk in the most romantic part of Warsaw – Mariensztat. Located between Vistula (Wisła) River and Old Town it is named after a wife of a nobleman Eustachy Potocki who received this land as part of the dowry.
Today it’s very quiet, almost forgotten by local people. After living in London I appreciated having such a beautiful place for myself only. The most romantic spot I have came across recently, especially in summer but if you like extreme experiences I am sure you would appreciate it covered in snow as well!

Enjoy your trips in 2011 and let us know at mchodakowska(at)yahoo(dot)com or on this site if you have visited any of our places, have any comments or questions to us.

Polish girls photographed in Warsaw (Marta, Ola and Gosia)

Warsaw part I

We are coming back to London next time, to Farringdon to be precise. Monika spent few months working at the edge of the City and will share with you her culinary (and cultural) discoveries.


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