Probably my favourite wine bar (at least in Provence!)

Well, I shouldn’t really complain – this year summer in England isn’t that bad. Or maybe for the first time after moving here I don’t feel like I am missing anything as it is actually raining quite a lot in most European cities. My mum gives me a daily update of the increasing levels of water in Poland during my morning calls home so I am pretty clear with the situation. Plus friends living somewhere between Warsaw and Paris all complain about wet weather this summer.
There isn’t, however, raining much in Provence, and I wouldn’t mind at all to be there now, in my favourite little bar in Tourrettes-sur-Loup, sipping a glass of world’s best rose, playing cards, chatting to local kids (or trying to understand their French to be more specific)…

I found La Cave de Tourrettes, like it usually happens, by a pure accident. We were just wondering around Tourrettes during that funny time of the day when it is already too late for lunch and too early for dinner, when most of places in France are closed and to our surprise we found La Cave is actually open and serving food. We were invited to sit at its tiny terrace (only 3 tables!) with a spectacular view over the mountains and valley. What can be better than eating French bread with salami and basil and drinking Provence’s best wines?

La Cave de Tourrettes is mostly a wine shop which promises to sell only wine directly from producers. The staff is very acknowledgeable, in most cases speaks English and is always ready to suggest something nice to be drunk with your dinner.
The chef, a young charming lady, is absolutely exceptional. In a tiny kitchen (I still don’t know how she manages it all there!) she creates the best dishes you can wish for a simple lunch on a hot afternoon. The menu is short but so interesting that you actually want to try everything. And if you really want you can as there are special testing menu offers consisting of most available options. Plus, surprisingly for this part of the world, there is even an option for vegetarians!
No wonder that the coolest people of the village meet in La Cave every evening for local gossip and pre-dinner bites.

Say hello from if you happen to join them one day as well!

For more places in Provence check here.


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