Possibly the best bread in Europe!

I can go really far to get good bread – I must have inherited this from my father who wakes up just after 5 in the morning on Saturday to make sure that the family has the best bread for the weekend.
In Brussels, where I am living at the moment, buying good bread is not a problem. Charli, the best bakery in Belgium, if not in the whole Europe, is just around the corner from where I stay. Their bread, crusty in the outside, wonderfully chewy inside, is almost addictive and I know I am not the only person who eats half of my loaf before I actually get home.
I created a habit of starting my day now with a visit to Charli to buy bread for lunch or dinner, however it rarely goes further than my 20 minute trip to work. One visit at Charli and bread will never taste the same any more…

Charli was opened by a group of friends, French by origin, who wanted to provide Brussels people with the freshest and highest quality products. This is a place with a mission – all ingredients are organic, energy is green and waste is recycled. The baking takes place behind a glass window overlooked by few tables so you can check and try yourself how all the promises of quality are kept. Apart from the bread they have a wonderful selection of pastries – I can never resist the smell of their legendary pain au chocolate or freshly baked croissants. They must be the main reason for me putting on weight least 5 kilos since I moved to Brussels two months ago!

I can’t think of a better Saturday morning than coffee, a croissant with homemade blueberry jam and freshly squeezed orange juice at Charli. See you there then ;)

rue Ste-Catherine 34, 1000 Brussels
Breakfast served from 7:30;
Opened Monday – Saturday 7:30 – 19:00, Sunday 8:00 – 13:30

PS. Sorry for a low quality of photo (taken with an iPhone) – I know that Charli deserver something better and I promise to take my camera there with me and not to get distracted with food!


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