Brussels story

The weather hasn’t been spoiling us here in Brussels so far but this doesn’t stop anyone from enjoying themselves. I am working hard to learn more about the city and as I am lucky to live in the very centre this isn’t that difficult.

A little pretty square at rue Sainte-Catherine was one of the very first places I discovered here. There is something truly European about it – with little restaurants, cafes, morning market, local freaks and not so local tourists. And one of the best fish bars in the city – Mer du Nord.

This is not an exclusive place. Rather a stand with few random tables set up in from of it but tell the name to a radom local and they will know exactly what you are talking about. It attracts so many people that queues can be seen from any part of the square. The staff, a collection of Brussels’ strangest characters, makes sure that you get the experience you deserve – just be careful about their sense of humour. You order, local seafood, fish, fish soup or tuna burger  with a glass of chilly white wine, will be loudly announced with your name or a random nickname the waiters thought was funny and if you happen to tip it will be registered with a laud gong and a public thank-you.

Indeed, an exceptional place.

Mer du Nord
Rue Sainte Catherine 1, 1000 Brussels

Charli Bakeri, with the best bread and croissants in Belgium, is just around the corner from Mer du Nord if you need your breakfast first.


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