Bonjour Paris!

I can hardly find better pleasures in life than waking up on a lazy Saturday morning in Paris. The weather in Europe this year is definitely not what you would expect in July. But with rain or sun Paris is always splendid.

I spent last weekend walking across my favourite places, eating the best food a man can create, admiring the style of Parisian girls and sipping wine in little bars.

Place du Marché Sainte-Catherine is my new place to be in Paris, a charming square hidden between little streets of Marais. After Saint-Germain-de-Pres became crowded with tourists Ste Catherine still feels like a place where Parisian wouldn’t mind spending their afternoons.

Plus it is perfect to hide from the rain:

Ze Kitchen, my favourite restaurant, is still as good as ever and if you are still thinking about a reason to go to Paris this season’s menu of their chef, William Ledeuil, is definitely worth booking your tickets right now.

I couldn’t resist trying my favourite roasted chicken at Guy Savoy’s Atelier Maître Albert and I can confirm it is extraordinary, especially with Guy Savoy’s Bordeaux and can only compare with Jacque Cagna’s. And when speaking about Jacque Cagna, sad news actually, his main restaurant is now closed for good. Third on my list of best restaurants ever, a place where I celebrated my 30th birthday and had a meal of my lifetime which will stay in in my memory forever (I still remember what cheeses we had for desserts, what the waiters recommended to drink with them and who sit next to us) no longer exists… I only hope that someone will soon fill the empty space with another culinary heaven.  The good news is that La rotisserie d’en face, Jacques Cagna’s brassiere, received a modern facelift and still competes with Guy Savoy for the best roasted chicken in the town.

Le 24, a nice bar/café at Rue Saint-Andre des Arts has been closed either. There is a new signboard above the door already so I should be checking the new place for you while I am in Paris next time.

And frankly speaking I can’t wait my next weekend in Paris! See you there.

Ze Kitchen
4 Rue Grands Augustins, 75006 Paris, France
00 33 1 44 32 00 32

L’Atelier Maître Albert
1 Rue Maître Albert, 75005 Paris, France
00 33 1 56 81 30 01

La Rôtisserie d’en Face
2 Rue Christine, 75006 Paris, France
0033 1 43 26 40 98

I didn’t take my camera to Paris, so again only iPhone photos this time…


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