Our top 5 wine bars in Europe

1. La Cave du Tourrettes (Tourrettes-sur-Loup)

I have already mentioned that it is probably my favourite wine bar in Provence. La Cave is an institution in Tourrettes. This is where all cool people meet in the evenings to share gossips from the day, check  who is winning in boules and watch the world going by while drinking Provence’s best wines. Food is served almost whole day and there is always some salami, cheese and basil for small hungers. You can choose to sit outside at one of the few tables in the street opposite to the bar or at a tiny terrace at the back with a spectacular few over the mountains and valley.

My favourite time at La Cave is during that funny time in the afternoon when it is too late for lunch, too early for dinner, life goes by slowly after a hot day but you can already feel that refreshing promise of a relaxing evening…  A perfect time for a glass of cool rosé at the best wine bar in Europe!

2. Le Garde Robe (Paris)

I have already recommended you this little Parisian place last year. I am sure you wouldn’t give it a second look if you were passing by and maybe this is what makes it so good. It doesn’t attract tourists or random people, if you are there you must have heard somewhere about their selection of great organic wines, seasonal food, exception service and relaxing, cool atmosphere.

The owner, who at the same time is the place’s chef, boss and sommelier, prepares his meals from what he finds that day at the local market. Everything is served fresh with lots of olive oil and sprinkles of sea salt at a very affordable price of 15 euros for a 3-course menu du jour. You will be helped with choosing wine for your food and you can buy a bottle (or two perhaps) to take home as well.
How I wish to live somewhere around the corner from le Garde Robe one day!

3. Cellar Gascon (London)

Located at Farringdon, a district of London which I learnt to like quite lot and should write about soon. Cellar Gascon is an annex of Club Gascon, a Michelin starred restaurant, and a perfect place to unwind after a hard day with a glass of wonderful French wine.
You can order nice tapas dishes to accompany your drinks, there is quite a nice selection of meats (Smithfield’s meat market is next door!) and set offers for lunch.
Book before you go or try to arrive early as it is usually packed with City bankers drinking off their huge bonuses!

4. 12 stolików (Warsaw)

12 stolików means 12 tables in Polish and this is how many of them there are in the place. Apart from summer when additional sitting is available outside on the street.
12 tables and most of them usually busy. There is no menu and all available options, which change daily, are written in chalk on a board above the bar. Wine is mostly Italian as Italy in general is the main inspiration for the place.
I love sitting at one of the tables outside watching local people and how they interact with each other – and there is a lot to watch there actually! The bar is just next to a 24h shop (an institution in Poland about which I should tell you all about soon) where locals come to buy emergency food and … alcohol.
And when it comes to emergency I can never refuse another glass of wine at 12 stolików.

5. Les Caves de la Nonciature (Brussels)

Like most of my favourite places I found it completely by chance. It is extremely well hidden, all good wine bars are actually, but very welcoming for those who eventually find it.
A perfect place for a glass before dinner in Sablon or just to forget about your day far from hassle of the city.

Waiting list:

Le Compoir du 5ème (Paris) – It’s tiny, it’s cosy and it has potential! And a great view – towers of Notre Dame on one side, Ile Saint-Louis on the other, and L’ Atelier Maître Albert just around the corner. Rue des Grands Degrès, where it is located, is so nice and charming that I wouldn’t mind spending there most of my day.
I am not sure what to think of it yet, neither have tried their food but I will give it a chance!

La Cave du Tourrettes
8 Rue de la Bourgade 06140 Tourrettes-sur-Loup, France
00 33 4 93 24 10 12

Le Garde Robe
41 Rue de l’Arbre Sec 75001 Paris, France
00 33 1 49 26 90 60

Cellar Gascon
59 West Smithfield, EC1A 9DS London, UK
00 44 20 7600 7561

12 stolików
ul. Krucza 16/22, Warszawa, Poland
00 48 519 151 504

Les Caves de la Nonciature
Rue des Sablons 7, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
00 32 2 514 43 47

Le Compoir du 5ème
1 Rue des Grands Degrés, 75005 Paris, France
00 33 1 43 29 38 49


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