Where to eat in Paris on Sundays

Finding a good restaurant open on Sunday in Paris is not an easy job. We want to help you avoiding eating in places for tourists so we worked hard to prepare this list. You won’t be disappointed!

For lazy breakfast or an early lunch try Le Loir dans Théière (3 rue des Rosiers) – my latest discovery in Marias. It is named after the unfortunate dormouse from Alice in Wonderland which fell into in a teapot.
If my perfect bistro existed it would probably be very close to this ideal. Very unpretentious, with homely ambience, great food and wonderful homemade cakes it gives me a feeling that things must be fine in this world if places like this exist.
Come early as it’s become quite popular – last time I was in Paris I saw people queuing to get in even after 16:00!

Les emporte pieces (17 rue du pont Louis Philippe) has the same good energy as Le Loir. Opened very recently by two charming Parisian girls it is a perfect spot for breakfast or just a cake and coffee on a lazy morning.
Ma Bourgogne (19 Place Vosges) bistro has one of the best views in the whole Marais, over the beautiful Place Vosges and despite being located in such a popular tourist attraction serves surprisingly good food. A perfect place for a little breakfast on a sunny Sunday morning. Just buy your paper in a kiosk around the corner and read over un café or simply enjoy looking at tourists doing their morning walks and photo sessions or old ladies on their way to the church.

For lunch you can try Café des Musees (49 Rue Turenne). Local, with many guests coming for years for their favourites, a little bit run down (like a proper brasserie should be!) – you can’t find a better place for une cuisine authentique.
L’Entracote (20 rue Saint-Benoit) is another very popular spot for Sunday lunch at St Germain des Pres. They serve only steaks with special sauce and fries there so if you are an orthodox vegetarian you should probably look for something else.

After lunch, if I am on this side of the river, I usually buy my dessert at the amazing patisserie of Pierre Hermé (72 Rue Bonaparte) and eat it at a little bench in front of St Sulpice Church just around the corner. Last time I was there I saw plenty of Pierre Hermé stickers on the benches so more of you must have followed my example as well!

In Marais check the Jewish bakeries at rue des Rosiers. My personal favourite is Korcarz and I can never resist a piece of their poppy seeds cake.

If you don’t know what to do with your afternoon why not to visit J’Go (Rue Clément) restaurant to try their wonderful wines and tapas? Their staff is very helpful and acknowledgeable and will help you to make your choices. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner on Sunday as well and between the meals you can just enjoy a drink and snack at large wine barrels on the terrace outside.

I love little bars at Place du Marché Sainte-Catherine, a charming square hidden between little streets of Marais. Just choose the one which looks best to you and enjoy their relaxing atmosphere. I wouldn’t mind spending most of my Sunday there.

For dinner you can try my favourite roasted chicken at Guy Savoy’s Atelier Maître Albert (1 Rue Maître Albert)  – you definitely won’t be disappointed. And if you still need a glass of something nice after your dinner Le Compoir du 5ème (1 Rue des Grands Degrés) wine bar is just around the corner from the restaurant. It’s tiny, it’s cosy and it has a great view – with towers of Notre Dame, Ile Saint-Louis and charming Rue des Grands Degrès. What would be a better way of finishing your Sunday…


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