Burger mania in Warsaw

Burgers bars became the places to be in Warsaw. Their owners decided to adapt this symbol of fast food into slow organic cooking. With self-made bread, organic cheese and best quality Polish beef burgers took over Warsaw culinary scene.

Together with Marta we checked two places for you – they are so popular that it may take even up to an hour of queuing during the busiest time to order your favourite burger. Apart from classical versions with cheese or bacon you can choose ones with eggs, salmon or even venison.

Burger Bar (Olkuska 2) located between a kebab stand and scrap yard is run by a young guy who escaped from corporate life to open one of the most popular places in Warsaw at the moment. Local culinary gurus, students, young professionals from nearby offices, celebrities they all love his burgers and wait patiently for their turn in long queues.

Warburger (corner of Puławska and Dąbrowskiego streets) is our latest discovery. Tiny, cosy, a little bit posh, a little bit hipster – it has everything what young Varsovians like most. Plus will keep you healthy after eating all those burgers by offering free apples for dessert.

We haven’t checked all the places yet but people who know what they are talking about definitely recommend these:
Bagno Food and Wine (Bagno 2)
Barn Burger (Złota 9)
Local Bistro (Krakowskie Przedmieście 64)

And for the most expensive and poshest burger in Warsaw (if not in the whole Europe!) try our new favourite steak place – Butchery and Wine (Żurawia 22). We will write more about it and our other discoveries in Warsaw soon.


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