Spring in Paris

image-8 copy
Winter in Provence, spring in Paris – I am definitely being spoilt. As always, I have brought lots of new ideas for you from my trip too.
Paris is good any season but if you feel a bit blue after this awfully long and cold winter just book your tickets now to forget about your worries and improve your mood. It worked perfectly for me, the only problem is I will have to start my diet now.

Spring has finally came to Paris and the life slowly moves back to boulevards, cafes and restaurants. Parisian girls, again, prove why their city is known as the fashion capital of the world, couples stroll across banks of seine, chefs make you forget you are on a diet, tourists annoyingly get in your way… It seems everything is back to normal in Paris.

So if you are planning your trip already or just want to learn a bit more about Ville Lumière visit Food and the City next week to learn about all the places we checked for you


how to find gluten free paradise in Paris


what the best spots to check and admire the style of Parisians are


and how to survive in the city of lights on budget


Check also our older posts about Paris.


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