Our top 5 steak places in Europe

Steak 1

It’s December, Christmas is coming and I decided to spend this time eating my favourite food. Steaks are quite high on my list so if I could I would choose one of these places for dinner today or actually every day this week.

1. L’Entracôte (Paris) – my absolute number one when it comes to steaks. Le Relais de Venise, widely known as L’Entrecôte,wasfounded by Paul Gineste de Saurs in Paris. It has now expanded internationally but it is still manage by the family. The formula is quite simple: lettuce-and-walnut salad as a starter; steak-frites with a secret butter as the main course, served in two turns. They don’t accept bookings so if you don’t arrive early enough be prepared to queue even up to an hour to get your table. All worth it though! My favourite location is L’Entrecôte Saint-Germain in Paris’s 6th arrondissement. Check who made it to number 2 here


5 reasons to visit Brussels this August

If you still don’t have any plans for this August maybe you can give Brussels a chance? Here are 5 reasons why.

1. Flower carpet – every two years Belgians set up a giant flower carpet in the main square of Brussels, Le Grand Place. This year the spectacle starts at 22:00 on 14 August and for the next 5 days you will be able to enjoy a floral masterpiece of thousands of colorful begonias arranged by experienced gardeners. Don’t miss it!

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Our guide to Brussels – part I

I have been living in Brussels for few months now but I have to admit this city still remains a mystery to me. It is not an easy place to get to know – with two main languages, European Union institutions, a mixture of cultures and styles it takes a while to find your paths here.
Below few places I have discovered, but I am sure this is just a beginning!

Most of my days and definitely my weekends start at Charil (rue Ste-Catherine 34) – the best bakery I have discovered so far, not only in Brussels, but generally in Europe. It helps it is just around the corner from where I live at the moment although I have no doubts I would make it there even if I had to travel from the other side of the city. I can officially confirm I am addicted to Charli’s bread after I was almost counting days for the bakers to come back from their holiday and open the place again. Two very long weeks when I would have given a lot for a little piece of their baguette blanche, le campagne bread or famous pain au chocolate.
I can hardly think of a better Saturday morning than espresso, a croissant with homemade blueberry jam and freshly squeezed orange juice at Charli.

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Place Saint-Géry


Place Saint-Géry is where Brussels social life starts and ends. Centre of the square, a stylish 19th building, used to be a meat market. Now it is one of Bussels’ most popular meeting spot and a cultural centre.

When the weather is nice (and this is not that common in this city) the square is full from very early in the morning till… the next morning. Those who know the place a bit better than me recommend three hotspots there:
Mappa Mundo – international crowds, Latin rhythms and the best mojito in town
Roi des Belges – traditional Belgian bistro on the ground floor and cool club with live music on the first floor, something for everyone
Zebra – a trendy place for the hip and beautiful

And if you feel like shopping after your aperitivo then try trendy shops of Rue Antoine Dansaert. Those who look for a more traditional and quite environment will enjoy a cup of very good tea in nearby AM Sweet (Rue des Chartreux 4), a lovely little café run by a charming couple and their dog called Cezanne.


Our top 5 wine bars in Europe

1. La Cave du Tourrettes (Tourrettes-sur-Loup)

I have already mentioned that it is probably my favourite wine bar in Provence. La Cave is an institution in Tourrettes. This is where all cool people meet in the evenings to share gossips from the day, check  who is winning in boules and watch the world going by while drinking Provence’s best wines. Food is served almost whole day and there is always some salami, cheese and basil for small hungers. You can choose to sit outside at one of the few tables in the street opposite to the bar or at a tiny terrace at the back with a spectacular few over the mountains and valley.

My favourite time at La Cave is during that funny time in the afternoon when it is too late for lunch, too early for dinner, life goes by slowly after a hot day but you can already feel that refreshing promise of a relaxing evening…  A perfect time for a glass of cool rosé at the best wine bar in Europe!

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