Probably my favourite wine bar (at least in Provence!)

Well, I shouldn’t really complain – this year summer in England isn’t that bad. Or maybe for the first time after moving here I don’t feel like I am missing anything as it is actually raining quite a lot in most European cities. My mum gives me a daily update of the increasing levels of water in Poland during my morning calls home so I am pretty clear with the situation. Plus friends living somewhere between Warsaw and Paris all complain about wet weather this summer.
There isn’t, however, raining much in Provence, and I wouldn’t mind at all to be there now, in my favourite little bar in Tourrettes-sur-Loup, sipping a glass of world’s best rose, playing cards, chatting to local kids (or trying to understand their French to be more specific)…

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Provence – Produits Frais de Qualite

It’s been a while since I have written a proper post here and I hope I still remember how to do it. I promise to practice more now and publish my stories frequently for those who are looking for nice places to eat during their holiday trips, especially as I have visited lots of fantastic places myself recently.
If you have any recommendations for subjects of next posts I would love to hear them.

Provence is my number one summer holiday destination (apart from my parents’ home in Poland obviously) and I wouldn’t mind moving there for good one day. But till this dream actually comes true I make a clever use of my holiday allowance and spend at least few days there every summer. And so I did this year as well.

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