Our top 5 steak places in Europe

Steak 1

It’s December, Christmas is coming and I decided to spend this time eating my favourite food. Steaks are quite high on my list so if I could I would choose one of these places for dinner today or actually every day this week.

1. L’Entracôte (Paris) – my absolute number one when it comes to steaks. Le Relais de Venise, widely known as L’Entrecôte,wasfounded by Paul Gineste de Saurs in Paris. It has now expanded internationally but it is still manage by the family. The formula is quite simple: lettuce-and-walnut salad as a starter; steak-frites with a secret butter as the main course, served in two turns. They don’t accept bookings so if you don’t arrive early enough be prepared to queue even up to an hour to get your table. All worth it though! My favourite location is L’Entrecôte Saint-Germain in Paris’s 6th arrondissement. Check who made it to number 2 here


5 reasons to visit London this autumn

This autumn London is definitely a place to visit. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Olympics are finished – we like sport but hanging around London with millions of tourists from all over the world is definitely not easy! Now that the Olympics and Paralympics have finished you can finally enjoy the city at its best. And definitely at much cheaper rate.
Early autumn is my favourite time to travel in Europe – most of the tourist are gone, local people are back from their holidays and things seems to be back to normal, like they should be. So come to London now to see what its everyday life looks like.

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The sweetest thing!

I couldn’t help it and just went to check the new Pierre Hermé’s shop (13 Lowndes Street) in Belgravia today. I am now a proud owner of a little box of macarons I am planning to eat over the next week.

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The macarons I brought from Paris are all gone but I managed to photograph them for you first.

Pastry, and recently macarons, are the only things that may make me queue. I have been a bit better at waiting in a line since I came to England and have followed this second favourite sport of the Brits (number 1 is in my onion watching rugby in a pub on a Saturday afternoon) but I am still rubbish and get very impatient immediately if there are 3 people in front of me.

But I could queue in Paris any time to get my deux mille- feuilles (so much more that just A mille-feuilles!) or few vanilla macarons from Pierre Hermé.

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Gessler at Daquise – U Kucharzy in London


U kucharzy  in Warsaw (Ossolińskich 7) is second on my list of favourite restaurants in Europe so I was really pleased and excited when I accidentally found out that they have opened their London branch recently as well.

I was hoping finally to find food that would really taste like proper Polish food and that would be good enough to serve to the growing number of my international friends who want me to take them to eat something from my native country.

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